The Lemon Protocol™ can be used by anyone, but we always advise against children, pregnant, and breastfeeding individuals to err on the side of caution. The protocol is based on substances that the body either produces naturally or that you obtain through your diet, so side effects are not expected, and even the most sensitive stomachs usually don't react negatively, quite the opposite.


The Lemon Protocol is scalable, allowing you to easily add and remove products as needed and based on your budget. The mechanisms of action of the products overlap and complement each other, so it's best to start more thoroughly in the beginning and remove some products later. It's also possible to alternate certain products, meaning you switch between them, but as mentioned, it's good to start with several at once initially.

A general rule is that the product called Polyphenols is the one we add if the other products are not sufficient. So, you start with RCU, Akoge, and Symbios. Of course, you can also use Polyphenols from the start if you prefer.

  • RCU Detox 
  • Akoge
  • Symbios
  • Polyphenoler 

Can I take other DIETARY supplements?

Yes, there's nothing conflicting with the products included in the Lemon Protocol™. If you're taking products meant to be anti-inflammatory and they haven't helped you before, you can stop using them.

How does it combine with medication?

As far as we can see, there are no interactions except with Polyphenols, which may affect certain enzymes that regulate the breakdown of certain medications. Nevertheless, please consult your doctor.

What about diet? Should I change it?

You don't really need to change your diet for the Lemon Protocol to be effective, but for long-term health, it's good to review it as much as possible. One of the most important steps is to eliminate sugar and gluten as much as possible.