The Lemon Protocol™ is a concept developed to promote immune and tissue homeostasis, i.e., create a balance in these systems. Overall, the protocol is aimed at influencing virtually the entire immune landscape and thus has a very broad effect. The setup is relatively simple; there are three products that form the basis of the protocol, and these can be used in various combinations. Each has its own specific mechanism of action that complements the others, and it is best to use all three simultaneously when starting. In addition to these three, we have more products that can be introduced as needed.

Lemons are healthy: However, the name Lemon Protocol™ has nothing to do with lemons but is inspired by the citric acid cycle in the cells' mitochondria. The citric acid cycle plays a key role in regulating cells' effector functions.

Fast-acting: One advantage of the Lemon Protocol is that it is designed to provide the fastest possible effect. Typically, you'll notice a difference within the first month and not uncommonly within the first two weeks.

These products are THE CORE PRODUCTS IN THE LEMON protocol™


This is a product designed to help clear away DNA fragments released from dying cells and also from certain immune cells. DNA fragments that the body cannot break down on its own are damage-associated molecular patterns, meaning that immune cells, which have specific sensors for this type of DNA, perceive them as a potential threat and thus contribute to continued immune activation. In fact, these DNA fragments may be one of the primary reasons many issues remain chronic, as they contribute to what can be called autoinflammation.


The primary purpose of Akoge is simply put, to calm down immune cells. This occurs through the active ingredient in the product, alpha-ketoglutarate, acting somewhat like an on/off switch for our cells' effector functions. Research indicates that the amount of alpha-ketoglutarate decreases with age and that there may be benefits to replenishing this substance over an extended period.


Symbios is intended to promote the body's various barriers. These barriers function to prevent the environment in, for example, the intestines from affecting the blood too much, or to prevent the blood environment from affecting the brain or nervous system. The effect occurs through regulation of, among other things, inflammasomes (NLRP).