Although the Lemon Protocol™ was developed without specific consideration for how diet affects it, it's true that a poor diet promotes inflammation. A poor diet can therefore create unnecessary resistance for the products. By changing your diet, which most users often have already done, you can gain a tailwind that improves the chance of achieving a good effect. Furthermore, it's beneficial to adjust your diet and think long-term in this regard because one day you might stop using the Lemon Protocol™, and then your diet can contribute to a smoother transition without setbacks.

We don't have a detailed diet plan that we recommend, but below are some guidelines to get started:

  • Minimise intake of sugar (sweets, biscuits, fizzy drinks, juice, etc.)
  • Minimise intake of wheat (bread, pasta, etc.)
  • Try to reduce consumption of all processed foods
  • Reduce intake of dairy products
  • Increase intake of vegetables and berries
  • Increase intake of healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, fish fat)

Remember that even if you occasionally eat 'wrong', don't give up but simply start over. It's the long-term outlook of your diet that matters most, and every day you can avoid bad foods is a victory.


The Lemon Protocol™ is straightforward. The most challenging part is actually deciding whether to use one of the products and if so, which one, or whether to use two or perhaps all three. If you want to give the protocol a fair chance, we recommend using all three for a month. Each product has its unique mechanism of action, and you could say that where one stops working, another takes over, thereby affecting virtually the entire immune landscape. Therefore, there's the greatest chance of effectiveness when using all three products, not just because they interact but also because we are targeting broadly to influence as much as possible. If one product doesn't work, perhaps another will, so it's better to start comprehensively and then potentially eliminate a product later on.

If you prefer to start with one or two, it's really up to you. Consider the price or which of the products you believe in. You can't go wrong, but bear in mind that the effect may not be as noticeable, so you may need to use the product/products for a longer period.

If you experience benefits, continue for at least a few months. Even if you feel better, the problem may still be simmering beneath the surface. The goal is to influence deeply and this can take time, hopefully permanently resolving the issue by restoring tissue and immune homeostasis.

Feel free to continue using the products for as long as you like. Long-term use can only be beneficial; for example, taurine (1) included in Symbios, alpha-ketoglutarate (2) in Akoge, and even RCU (3) have been tested over extended periods in preclinical studies, all showing long-term positive effects, including on ageing.

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How should I DOSE?

The dosage is the same for everyone and is indicated on the packaging. The secret behind the Lemon Protocol™ lies not only in the substances we use but also in the doses. The dose is crucial for the effect, so you should neither take more nor less than recommended. Once you've reached your goal, you can later reduce the doses, for example, by only taking the morning dose.


Yes, there's no problem combining the Lemon Protocol with other supplements, but many people take a lot of different supplements without knowing if they're actually beneficial. If you can relate to this, perhaps it's time to review which products you can do without to save some money. We recommend continuing with pure nutrients like vitamins and minerals.


The ingredients included in the protocol's products are naturally produced in the body and/or are part of our daily diet.